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Sandy Acres Baptist Church

Dedicated to Christ & a Belief in People
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Community-Oriented Christian Church in Umatilla, FL

Are you ready to take the first step on your faith journey?

If you’re searching for a way to connect with others and cultivate a relationship with Jesus Christ, find a Christian church community to call home. At Sandy Acres Baptist Church, we believe in putting our faith at the center of everything we do. Our congregation is motivated by supporting one another and going out into the world to work as servants of Christ. If you live in or around Umatilla, FL, and are looking for a way to make a change in your life, join your brothers and sisters—we’re ready to embrace you with open arms.

Committed to the Word

As members of the Christian church, we’ve been given the Bible as a roadmap that shows us how we’re called to live. Because of this, our congregation believes in thorough and consistent Bible study. All of our ministries, sermons, and decisions are rooted in the truth we’ve been provided with through God’s Word. We believe that we grow closer to God and Christ by examining the lessons and teachings He dictated to us. For over two decades, we’ve urged our flock to dig deeper to truly understand what the Bible is saying about them, our world, and our mission as children of God.

Motivated by People

Our Christian church believes in the promise of every individual who gives their life over to Christ. When you join our community, you’ll be supported through every season of life. At Sandy Acres Baptist Church, you’ll never have to walk alone. Whether you’re struggling with your faith or you want to celebrate some of life’s best moments, you have brothers and sisters who will always be there for you. Through our belief in people, we can win more souls for the kingdom of God.

Compassion Through Service

God calls us to go out into the world and help those who are struggling or less fortunate than we are. Our Christian church is based on ideas of compassion, justice, and service to our fellow man. As much as we value our time during worship services at church, our real work begins once we leave the comfort of our sanctuary. We’re serving Christ when we see the struggles of others and reach out a helping hand. Through a number of service ministries and thanks to partnerships with local organizations, we’re about to show Christ to those who have the deepest need for His love.

Worship With Us Today!

When you want to find a Christian church community to call home, visit us at Sandy Acres Baptist Church in Umatilla, FL. Give us a call today to learn more about getting involved with our congregation.

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