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Sandy Acres Baptist Church

Dedicated to Christ & a Belief in People

Umatilla's Trusted Christian Church Community

Whether you’re new to the faith or you want to find a new Christian church community to call home, find a flock of believers that cares for one another. At Sandy Acres Baptist Church, we’re focused on community through Christ. From the moment you walk through our doors, you’ll feel the love and respect we have for one another. Those living in and around Umatilla, FL, continue to worship and grow with us because we believe that, through God, true love for each other is found.

Dynamic Worship Services

Coming together on a regular basis to worship is a key part of the Christian church experience. All of our services are focused on uplifting music, direct and important sermons, and transcendent prayer. Our congregation comes together on Sundays at 9:30 a.m. for Sunday school and 10:45 a.m. for worship services. We also meet on Sunday evenings at 6:30 p.m. for worship and a prayer meeting. When you join us, you’ll feel God working among our members.

Our Services

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Prayer Meeting
Bible Study
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Youth Group
Small Groups
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Small Groups & Youth Programs

Aside from worship, we believe that our members need to come together to grow with one another outside of the sanctuary. At Sandy Acres Baptist Church, we have several small groups that are based on your stage of life and that focus on using the Bible to deal with triumphs and tribulations that you may be experiencing. These groups allow you to link up with one another and ensure Christ-centered social connections in your life. Our Christian church community also has thriving kids’ and youth groups that focus on building solid foundations based in Christ and allowing your kids to connect with peers who view life the same way that they do.

A Focus on Communion

As members of the Christian church, we know that Christ gave up his life on the cross in exchange for the forgiveness of our sins. Everything we do is because of Christ’s sacrifice. Because of this, we believe it’s important to memorialize the decision He made for us. We take the bread, a symbol of His body, and drink the wine, a symbol of His blood, as a reflection on how importantly Christ viewed our lives and the lengths He’s willing to go to bring us to His kingdom.

Visit Us Today!

If you’re searching for a Christian church community you can call home, reach out to one of our members at Sandy Acres Baptist Church. Call us today to learn more about our current worship and Bible study schedule.

(352) 669-2700